Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yard Update: The property is taking shape!

This update now feels like its way past due.
We felt the effects of a wind storm recently and now the yard looks different that what is pictured below.

That's still shows you the progress we've made this year.

Our firepit now sports some pretty nifty benches made by Ches my husband.
They seemed quite resistant to being cut up into fire wood
(Ches nicknamed this stuff Ironwood...)
so he threw some cinder blocks under them and BAM...

Our elevator/escalator repair friends gave us these amazing wooden boxes last year.
They transported escalator parts to a job site last year and thought we could use
them for burning.
I thought them ideal for holding kindling!
The wire boxes were once used for rabbits by a family friend.
Now they are waiting to find their true purpose in our yard.

The image below is the piles of wood waiting to cure (dry).

We stole dried leaves from the campground again (like last fall).
This year we added them to the area where we are expanding the garden.
Hoping to kill off as much grass as possible before tilling.

The part where you spread the leaves around is more like play that work.

The entire are you see above is the area we are adding to the existing garden.
Sometimes I think we are crazy...

This is a great view of the length of the & old parts together.
If you look can see me trying to get leaves out of my pants.

We took a part a rock garden that only seemed to grow poison ivy.
The rocks we took away, we reformed into an Inukshuk.

Another area that had been previously ignored got some attention this year.

The side of the house got the remaining rocks as a border around a bunch of newly acquired hostas.
As we start to look around our property...we start to notice how there is a lot of stuff we got from campers at the campground across the street.
How fortunate we are to have such good friends.
How lucky it is that they live on when we look around.
The hostas came from a former camper that pulled out this year.
They will be missed for sure.

We had some stellar fall days for a while there!
The sun always shining...the breeze always gentle.

Our property is starting to take shape now after our second year here.
Its nice to take your time...often I find a yard takes its own shape...I'm just there to document the changes.

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