Sunday, July 26, 2015

Garden Update 2015 Edition part 2

Bellstar sauce tomatoes!

Green Globe Artichokes....not choking yet


Red onions

White onions

Brussels sprouts...from above...

And below...


Summer squash

Ground cherries...paper lanterns...

Cheyenne bush pumpkins!

Third bed of peas...we may have a problem...

Black Kris tomatoes

Rainbow Carrots


Turnips...great fall storage crop...



How does your garden grow?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Garden Update 2015 Edition...part 1

I present to you....our garden!
It's taken a while to get things going.
Between working at the farm and the rainy June,
It was really tough to give the garden the time it needed.

Our garlic (given to us by a friend) had a horrible time...but we suspect the chickens got to them.
That was before we added the chicken wire fence to the whole garden.

White fingerling potatoes are loving it!
They are from Uncle Robert's garden last year.
Can't wait to see what comes out of it!

Summer squash zucchini, yellow zucchini and white paddy pans.

Soooo many tomatoes.....
Black Kris (grown from our seeds from last year's crop)
Anna Russian (oxheart - from the Grandmothers for Africa plant sale)
Bellstars (round sauce tomato - given to me by my boss at the farm)
Romas (grown from our seeds from last year's crop)

Green Globe Artichokes!  8 survived...(from the Homesteading Canada seed exchange)

White and Red (not shown) onions (bulbs purchased from the Foodland grocery store)

Two plantings of romaine lettuce (seeds from the hardware store)
Spinach started further down the bed...not doing very well...

Winter squash bed...
Pumpkin and random squash seeds from a friend...can't wait to see what the are!!!
Butternut squash (grown from our seeds from last year's crop)
Buttercup squash (grown from our seeds from last year's crop)

Green beans (grown from our seeds from last years crop)
Not shown...pencil pod yellow wax beans from my coworker
purple beans from the hardware store.

That's just one side of the garden!
Stay tuned for part two in the garden update series...
coming soon...after we have weeded some more beds...


I also have some big news!
I was made a member of the Tamworth/Erinsville 
Grassroots Growers Steering committee!
Although I am not a resident of Stone Mills Township,
I was still so happy to be a part of such an enthusiastic 
group of community-minded people.
They also put on GREAT events with excellent guest speakers.

The Kitchen Garden has kept me busy and happy.
Monday to Friday I work my butt off and learn so much.
It's really quite staggering!!!
From pest control to cultivars...
From hand working a field to harvesting the bounty.
Everyday is a blessing.