Friday, June 15, 2012

Asparagus goes great with Pork!

Our asparagus is something we are going to miss immensely.

We started from scratch before and we'll do it again at the new place...
but that will be 3 years from now! 

Once you start the baby asparagus plants it takes 3 years before you can harvest them.

Our asparagus is growing like crazy these days.

Above shows just what I picked yesterday morning!
I think I saw a bundle this size at Costco going for approx $8. While the price goes down when asparagus is in season...we feel like we're making out like bandits by growing or own.
I haven't bought asaparagus in years.

We're trying to get the most out of it before we move this weekend.

Sadly, most of our stuff is already packed that means we have to get creative!

The image above shows my attempt at a homemade steamer!

Take a pot and a steel collander (doesn't work with plastic...sorry).
Add water to pot and bring to a boil.
Place collander on top.

Add the harder, thicker stems first, steam for a few mins then add the tender tops for 1 min.
(You can test the tenderness with a fork, if you're just starting out, or basically when the veg turns bright green)

You'll want to make sure the rest of the meal is well on its way, as steaming doesn't take long at all!

I found a deal on pork tenderloins at the store.  2 large loins for $22!  Above pic shows one of the loins and we only ate half of it between 2.5 people.

We have also packed all of our I was worried this meal was going to be bland.

Cook the tenderloin at 500 degrees for 25 mins, turning so all sides get browned and crispy.

For the mashed potatoes...peel and chop 8-10 taters.  Boil until a fork can cut them.
Drain and add 3 tbsps of butter or marg and 1/2 cup of milk (or so).

Mash thoroughly.  (Great tension reliever!)

Serve and enjoy!

It was rainy and a little cold last this meal was a great way to add warmth and comfort to our dinner.  The asparagus was just right...crisp and warm but not soggy.  It's my goal to get steaming more...and get away from the microwave. (As soon as I unpack our steamer!!!) 

Served with grainy dijon mustard for dipping.

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