Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chickens are happier free ranging...

"So you think you can keep me penned in?"

"Not likely."

"We are far too lovely and wild to be kept in a box."

"See how the sun shines off of my beautiful feathers?"

My divas are so very irritated with me since I've kept them 
in the coop and run during gardening/planting season.
They really do love being free ranged chickens in our swamp.
So I felt so bad for them one night...I let them out of the coop not even thinking.

I watched them (in horror) run straight for our 
freshly planted rows of peas and beans.
You do not.
Touch the peas.

Since then they have been making their displeasure known to all of the passing 
ducks, swans, geese, loons, beavers, muskrats, turkey vultures and crows.
Also, people passing by walking their dogs.


The result?

We fenced in our garden for the first time ever.
It's just chicken wire...
At first I hated it.
It was like my sweet veggies were in some sort of Fort Knox.
That was when the seedlings were just sprouting.
Now the fence has grown on me.
The chickens are back their free-ranging bliss.

And I have yet to hear any flack about it from the divas.