Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bloggers to discover...part 2

Here is a cool roundup of bloggers I've discovered lately...

Website I found and I really dig their manifesto:


We love spending time in the kitchen, 

and we believe that  memorable cooking 

doesn't have to be complicated or precious.  

Because, if you cook:  

Your family will eat dinner together.  

You will naturally have a more 

sustainable household.  

You'll set a lifelong example for your children.  

You'll understand what goes 

into food and will eat more healthily.  

You'll make your home an 

important place in you.  

You'll make others happy.  

People will remember you.


Here is a girl after my own heart!

I read about this young lady in Reader's Digest article about
Junior Food Activists...I never even knew that was a thing!
Martha Payne rates her cafeteria's lunch each day
using criteria like healthiness, number of mouthfuls and number of hairs.
I love the mind of a child!

Doubt her commitment?
She has over 10 million hits on her blog...and she's 11.
She is also donating money to children in Malawi.
check out her fundraising page here.
Even Barry Manilow has donated to her!


Bloggers who forage:

Hardworking Hippie and her permaculture farm in France

My all-time favorite escape blog: