Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shrimp and snow peas stir fry

Remember my recent post that included a reasonably priced bag of frozen shrimp?

Well...we're moving and I needed to use it up.

This was sort of what I had in made me crave white wine.

I stopped at the store and was noticed a slight drop in produce prices now that spring has arrived.

Trying to buy as little as possible for this meal, I grabbed a lemon, a bag of snow peas and a small pack of bean sprouts.  THAT WAS IT!  Less than $6.00 later...for the meal items, I'm not including wine there...and you don't need to know how much I spend at that store...

We already had the garlic and the brown and wild rice.  Veg oil, onions, had those too.  Strangley enough we had a small bottle of wite wine vinegar ini the pantry from a previous recipe attempt.  We also already had the coriander in a grinder.  At the least minute I threw in some slivered almonds I snagged at the Bulk Barn!

Salt and pepper?  Check!

Boil rice.  Fry onion and garlic in a pan in veg oil.

Toss in the thawed shrimp, handful of sprouts, handful of snow peas, splash of lemon juice and coriander ground up.  Add a tablespoon of butter or marg if you like a thicker sauce. 

Insert white wine here...or in the pan if you wish.

Add some white wine vinegar if you want some zip...but it's fine without it too.
S & P to taste.

Heat pan until aromatic (makes the house smell yummy) and serve on rice (drained)!

You can eat this with chopsticks if you like to add flare to a meal...but its not required.


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