Friday, November 22, 2013

All Natural Holiday Decorations

So this year the holiday spirit has hit me a little early.
Not sure if this condition is due to my interest in Pinterest...

Or my shock at the unbelievable balls on Michael's for their pricing.
Not only that, but everything I liked was for interior use only.


I live in the country.

I am surrounded by inspiration...and craft supplies!

We had a great day with little wind and the air was seasonably cool but comfortable.
I decided to get trimmers in hand and get crafting!!!

I have seen so many lovely pins on Pinterest.
Birch bark, pine cones, twine, twigs and tons of greenery.
It got me all inspired!

All I had to do was pull together the necessary pieces.

We salvaged some galvanized metal maple sap collecting buckets from my 
In Laws dump site years ago (we were lending a hand and cleaning it up)
We use plastic ones now for sap the metal ones are for planting and decorating only.

I grabbed some red dogwood from the edges of the yard close to the swamp.

The front yard has a white pine tree with lower limbs hanging.
I helped them out by lessening their load.
The nearby spruce got a trim too.

Lastly I snagged some dead sumac branches and spray painted them gold.
(I had that leftover from Owen's Halloween costume) 

I planted a rock from the herb garden at the bottom 
of each bucket and then started stuffing it with
all of the gathered materials.

Added some sparkly gold ribbon from my Mother in Law's stash,
 propped them up on an old step ladder we inherited...
and BAM!
Instant, free to me, almost all natural, outdoor, seasonally festive decorations!!!

I saved myself about $75.00
and screw you Michael's!!!

I could not be stopped...
I moved inside!

The above simple centerpiece was formed with
stuff I already had!
The glass Susan, the red plate and the white candle
were all somewhere in the house.
I placed some spruce twigs on the glass Susan.
(Keeps the mess off of the tablecloth too)
Then I balanced the candle and plate on the greenery.
Toss around some scented pine cones from my Mother In Law's bin.
BAM!  Centerpiece for virtually free!

The above swag was what started it all.
I gathered some spruce limbs and tied them with hemp yarn from a previous project.
I grabbed the glue gun and started situating
the pine cones and plastic poinsettias from the bin.
I added some sprigs of sparkly golden
ribbons for flare!
BAM!  Wall decor covered for free!!!

I already had the slender glass vessel full of dogwood year round.
All I had to do, in this case, was add sprigs of greenery from the yard and
a bouquet of plastic poinsettias and white flowers for the Mother In Law bin.
BAM!  Repurposed decoration for virtually nothing!!!

Stay tuned for more free, natural and virtually free decorations
for the festive and seasonal in your home!

What have you been making?

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