Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wild Horseradish...another new discovery from the yard!!!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook...
you might remember an image I posted a while back.

We identified it as Wild Horseradish (Amoracia lapathifolia)...
mostly because it strongly resembled the cultivated horseradish 
we bought a few weeks before...sigh.
We also did the necessary reading and research...just to confirm our suspicions.
We noticed the similarity in leaf shape right away.
Who could forget those long elegant leaves?
I knew they had to belong to something.

We dug up the roots when the leaves dried up and went brown.

We dug and dug...it seemed to go on forever.

I was finally able to get the top halves of a few roots...
sadly leaving the bottom half of the roots behind.
I scrubbed them gently and revealed a root like any other, 
appearance wise, but the aroma was unmistakable.

I peeled them with an ordinary vegetable peeler.
Maybe its getting too close to Halloween...
but they looked like bones to me.

Don't stand above the bowl when grating your horseradish...
It has a similar effect on your eyes as onions.

I jarred some for future seafood feasts and roast beef bonanzas.
All it took was a simple syrup of vinegar and sugar with a dash of salt.

For those of you who like horseradish...I think this will knock yer socks off!

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