Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Top Ten Foraging Posts

So I'm launching my foraging business!


I will be available for speaking engagements and tours.
You can either reserve a place in one of my home tours,
or I can come to your property 
and we'll take a look at what you have in your own backyard!
Learn about herbal first aid...
Tea making...
The list is really endless...

In honour of my new endeavour...I present to you my Top 10 posts on foraging!

10. Finding wild horseradish and how to pickle it!

9. Discovering wood sorrel and black haw...and how to make black haw squares!

8. Picking and storing wild leeks (aka ramps)!

7.  Fiddlehead soup

6.  Turn an invasive "weed" into Garlic Mustard Pesto

5.  Milkweed blossom capers

4.  Purslane in a stir fry

3.  Dandelion coffee inspired by Susanna Moodie
(an 1830's Ontario settler)

2.  Wild black raspberries

1.  My all-time, most read foraging post EVER:
Orange foxtail grass seed muffins!

SPOILER ALERT:  These seeds taste like poppy seeds!

Come join me on my other blog I EAT WEEDS for more forage-y goodness.

(don't worry...I'll still be posting here too....)

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