Saturday, February 14, 2015

Home Made Granola Recipe (plus a skinny secret)

Winter is great for getting the baking bug.
As opposed to the other bugs you can catch in the winter.

Of course there are only so many loaves and muffins you can make.

So I present to you:


Here is the yummy recipe that I made basically using up all of the
items I bought to make a baked brie with dried fruit and nuts over the holidays.

I found this recipe on
You do have to is free.
Then you have to click on a link to the original poster's blog.
Its kinda troublesome...all those extra steps...but trust me, its worth it.

This granola features dates, sweetened coconut, dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts and honey.
FYI.  I omitted the wheat germ and the sunflower seeds.
I didn't have any wheat germ on hand and the sunflower seeds I had were not shelled.


Now here is my trick!
I've always been told that granola is "too high in fats".
So I start with a cubed apple...then sprinkle granola on top.
Add milk and you have a delicious and satisfying skinny treat.
You're welcome.

PS.  By the time you are drinking the milk from the bottom of the's sweet cinnamon milk!!!!

BONUS:  Your house smells wonderful when its baking!

What is your favorite winter smell?


This post is my 200th blog post since starting this blog in 2010.
I wanted to thank each and every one of you who reads it.
I appreciate you every day.
You drive me to create interesting content and 
life in the woods stories that leave an impression.
Stay with me folks...the ride is about to get a lot more fun!

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  1. I live granola and do the same thing. its either apple, berries or banana sprinkled with granola...yummmm