Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A day on the lake - Winter Edition

Here's a derrisive issue....WINTER.

Some of us Canadians hate it...
Some of us love it...

Some of us defend our right to freeze our butts off in it...

That's just how we roll.

Our buddy Blaine and his bike.

First off...we live in the Land O Lakes Region.
Check it out here.
Over 5000 lakes, pretty much in my backyard.
(My definition of back yard is fairly broad...but still.)

Second...its good for your health!
I did a post a while back on how getting outdoors 
in the winter time can be a great workout replacement!

It only took an hour to properly pack all of our gear up and head out.
There were 6 of us on this particular trip.
We packed a Thermos of hot chocolate, a few mugs of coffee and tea.
We brought a backpack that folds out into a chair.
We brought some stuff for Owen to do...in between checking lines.
All of our ice fishing and hole drilling gear.
Snacks too...and marshmallows.
A box of newspaper.

Father and son on a borrowed snow machine.

And helmets...can't go far without a helmet.

Riding with Blaine to the fishing spot.

We blazed a trail through the woods across from a relative's house.
We zipped down the frozen creek and lake.

Handsome Husband is also Handy Husband!
He shows Owen the ropes...er...lines...
They have father-son time.

He's also Hercules Husband...when it comes to hand drilling our fishing holes.
"10-12 inches of ice" he reports.


We brought some spray bottles filled with water and food colouring.
I had no idea how long they would last before they froze...
but it was only -4 degrees Celcius.

It seemed a great way to keep his attention...when watching a line for a jiggle wanes.

I scoured the shoreline for dead branches.
It seems weird to be walking along the edge of the lake...on the water side.

Owen and I explored up the steep hills to find a deer bed!
They nose up the dry leaves from under the snow.
Some of the beds showed how the heat from the animal melted the snow evenly around it.
(deer scat close by too)

We were pretty high up...but that's part of the fun!

But the best part of the day was the incredible peace that surrounded us.

Our pal Pepe, who is Uncle Pepe to Owen.
I love seeing him impart manly wisdom to our son.
I love it that Owen has such positive and positively cool men to look up to in his life.

I fix up a fire on the shoreline.
I make sure that I situate it in a safe place.

Owen takes a marshmallow break...
but the fire helps us warm cold fingers when needed.
(You can't keep your gloves on the whole time while ice fishing.)

I am so in love with the rock formations of South Frontenac County.
Takes my breath away.
I'm currently reading "Their Enduring Spirit:  the History of Frontenac Provincial Park 1783-1990"
by Christian Barber with Terry Fuchs.
I'm totally enthralled with the author's description of the geological implications.

Owen loves the rocks too..but for different reasons.

He is at his absolute best when he's outdoors.
A country boy in all his glory.

A 3lb pike!

Now that is a happy country fella!
We ate this lovely pike and gave our blessings.
We live in a glorious part of the world...where we can go out,
be in nature and bring home dinner.

How do you enjoy winter outdoors?
(if you don't do it now...you should seriously start)

If you need some help...here is a list of my favorite things about Winter!

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