Monday, July 28, 2014

Trellis Action...

So...a few weeks ago I was struggling with how to trellis my plants.
In my garden update post, I lamented that I had a short amount of time to
think about it...before it became a necessity.

I was able to come up with some completely free solutions!
Let's check them out...


We planted two beds of peas...multiple rows in each bed.
One day, as I walked on the shores of Desert Lake, I came upon a driftwood log!
I used other sticks to support the driftwood and 
then laced craft wire to that it formed a teepee like trellis on both sides.
The craft wire was free because I had bought it many many many years ago.
It was for a rock jewelry business that I tried.
In the end it was a trellis for some old windows we got from the dump.
I carefully unhooked all of the wire...and repurposed it!

The second bed of peas had the same treatment...for I was shocked to time a second driftwood tree!
This tree was I made up the difference with some broken old wire tomato cages.

The shot above is probably the best to see the wire...can you see it?

I got creative by the second trellis...attaching the log to a piece of firewood set in a mix of daisies and asters.



The squash trellis solution was actually Handsome Husband's idea!
I had already removed the wire from the dump-scavenged windows...
Ches said "Why don't we put them on pieces of wood?"
Works for me!
Above you can see how much the enjoy the partial shade on their roots...
and all of the climbing room on the windows!

The windows aren't actually that far off of the ground...only a few inches.


The beans don't necessarily need a trellis...
but sometimes they fall over and you're scraping the dirt for your beans.
Not my idea of fun veggies...
So we built a cage of sorts!
The t-bars came from a family friend.
The wire was repurposed invisible fencing!!!
Can you believe we have dug up the equivalent of a whole spool on 
our property compliments of previous owners?
True story.


Above is our trusty machine.
Its made of old t-bar and metal chain-link fence found at a former house we rented in Verona!
You pound the t-bars in on an angle and plant the seeds "under" the angle.
The plants grow up the chain link and voila!
Dirt free veggies!
It has been so successful in the past...beans, cukes...whatever trails!


I still haven't figured out what to do with the pumpkins...but they are filling in too quickly now
so I think I'll just leave them this year.
They seem to like the saddle-shaped lattice!

If you want more (way more!) trellis ideas...
you can now follow me on Pinterest!
(Psst I have a whole folder of trellis ideas!!!)

Once there, you can find all of my recipes and food photos in handy dandy folders too.

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