Sunday, July 27, 2014


Well, I'm unemployed.

Its the strangest thing, though.
I'm not panicking.
I'm not stressed or upset at all.

That's a first for me.

I think it has a lot to do with all of the prep work we do as a family.
If we lived as though the money was never ending...we'd be in trouble.
It was years ago that we learned that anything can and will happen.
We changed the way we looked at life...and have never looked back.

Let me explain further...

If we didn't have the garden...

I would be worried that we don't have enough money to buy food at the grocery store.
Thankfully...we have a huge garden and the years of experience in growing and storing our own food.
We are not dependent on anyone's food delivery system.
And now we have eggs!
Protein was always a source of pain for me.
It was the only thing we didn't already do there were always random safety recalls.
Now we have 8 laying hens and they pay for themselves at this point.


If we didn't live in such a beautiful, natural place...

I might be upset that Owen wouldn't enjoy his summer vacation.
He might have been stuck inside...for 2 months...with his mother who was worrying about stretching every dollar.  That's no fun for anyone!
In our neighbourhood, we are still able to do many amazing adventures...thanks to the Canadian shield, Frontenac Provincial Park (only $14 for any trail!) and our beloved Desert Lake.
We're learning about rocks this year.
Living in the Canadian Shield is like living inside the ROM.
We're tumbling rocks and learning about their properties.
We're exploring the land around us and discovering its logging, trapping and hunting roots.
We're learning about the animals, birds and insects that live in our region.
It's been amazing so far...and hasn't cost us much money at all.


If we didn't have each other...

I would probably be wallowing about this loss.
I probably wouldn't be able to remind myself that my job does not define me.
My family keeps me focused on what's really important in life.
We do not live to work...
we work to live...and I can do that anywhere.

Plus, since not working shift work anymore...
I actually get to see my family more than ever!

Here's to more changes!!!

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