Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Girls

Soooo....we had an opportunity to get our hands on more chickens.
(why not, eh?)

I work with a fellow who was able to get us some more!
He's my friend Nathan Putnam.
We share the vision of homesteading and small scale farming for all.
He's a dispatcher like me, but he's also a paramedic on Wolfe Island, a husband,
owner of several very large dogs and runs his own landscaping business!

Check it out here:

We arranged to meet halfway between our home and Wolfe Island...

The waiting was hard....
These were special girls...

Special package needs special care!

Owen has taken on such responsibility with the chickens...
That he had to do this job himself!

Nathan had ordered a selection of rare and heritage breeds of chicks.
We got one of each kind!

Here's the list:

-  Americauna
-  Dominique
-  Silver Laced Wyandotte
-  Buff Orpington

They started mingling with the older girls right away.
We don't have a separate brooding area.

Above you can see Sun - the Buff Orpington on the left and
Dark Rainbow now known an Oreo - the Dominique.

FUN FACT:  Dominique chickens are the oldest laying breed in North America!

Above you can see Sun (again) and Pigeon - the Silver Laced Wyandotte in 
the middle.  On the right is Eagle - the Americauna.

FUN FACT:  Americauna chickens are known as "Easter Eggers"
Easter eggers will lay fun coloured eggs like blue, pink or green.
I have read on some sites that these lovely ladies will lay a variety of coloured eggs.
I've read other sites that state these girls will lay either blue or green but not both.

We shall see!
I'll keep you these new girls are too young to be laying just yet.

Stay tuned for more chicken adventures!

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