Thursday, July 31, 2014

Grape Vine Reveal...

When we first moved in to our home 3 years ago,
we inherited an old garden.
It was on the west side of the house with loads of trees shading it.
It also covered the septic access lid...not ideal.

Right away we began the task of moving the garden to the center of the yard.

You see the red tangle in the middle?
It was rumored to be a concord grape vine...

That was 3 years ago!
Now we have a humongous garden in the center of our backyard.
The old garden on the west side of the house?
We found all sorts of goodies buried there...stuff we dug up and reused all over the property.
Stuff like patio stones of varying sizes, cinder blocks and red bricks.
We even found a tree growing under the grape vines! 

A few weeks ago a friend named Steve and his wife Joanne gave us some 
metal T bars they had laying around their house.

Let me show you what I did with them....

I finally cut back enough of the grape vines to find a few viable ones.
I had read in the Backyard Homestead book the proper way to string and hang your grape vines.
Finally!  A grape vine I could actually see and help grow...
With the help of Handsome Husband, we pounded the t bars into the ground.
Luckily we had some stuff left over for the wiring.
I used a bit of old clothesline wire but it was a little frustrating.
Then we remembered a whole role's worth of wire!
An owner from the not so distant past installed invisible fencing around the whole property perimeter.
It had long since we dug it all up!
It had a copper it stays were you bend it!

During the uncovering process...I found a mound of grasses.
The grasses had these pod like I decided to leave them and see what became of them.
Above shows the result of my indifference!
These beauties look a little like tiger lilies...but probably just orange lilies.
I have no idea....I grow food...not flowers...unless they are edible!

I used some of those aforementioned "found" bricks to show off this tree.
I have no idea what it is either...but it was literally holding up the grapevines!!!

Once we got the vines off of the ground and onto the repurposed clothesline wire...
...I found bunches already growing!

Look at the darlings!!!

I was so smitten with the spot...I decided to make it a cozy seating area...

Just sit and watch the chicken entertainment!
(See the chicken run in the background?)

Even before I had the t bars in hand, I had purchased a small rosebush.  
I have no idea what kind I bought...only that the blooms are peachy coloured.
I just can't get that excited about flowers...sorry.
There was one thing I learned while living in Australia and touring wineries with friends.
Wineries plant roses as fences to attract the aphids.
Better they eat the roses than the grapes!

What a great spot!
I enjoyed it right away.

Do you have any favorite spots on your property?
A place of reflection?
A corner of solitude?
Or just a spot with a really, really great view?

Share photos of your favorite places on my Facebook page!

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