Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Year 3!!! Jumping in with both feet

Its been a few years now...
Since we moved into our forever home in the country.

We had lived in our first family home for 4 years and, 
as all of you long term readers know,
we had a pretty well established garden.

We had wild raspberry canes and asparagus flourishing.
We had an ever expanding garden plot.
We had healthy food and fun for the whole family.

Then we moved...
We decided to move into a bigger home and a bigger lot.
As sad as we were to leave, 
it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.
We continue to recover the overgrown lot.
Changing it into something amazing, while maintaining its natural state.
We continue to cultivate our land to maximize our haul, all on less than 2 acres.

The above picture shows the transformation the yard
has taken in the first two years.
This year will produce some of the most drastic changes
since we first took over!

We're adding new beds for berries.
This new addition will provide raspberries,
blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries...
Ches is obsessed with getting a blackberry strain called "Chester".
Not only will these bushes come back and flourish every year
but they will also provide some divide and privacy between our yard 
and the dog run next door.

We are also getting chickens!!!
A family friend is giving us 4 hens approx 1 yr old.
We were able to get our hands on a free shed that
another friend was throwing away!
A few adjustments to the shed will have it ready for the girls
that are arriving in less than a month.

I gotta say...we are pretty frickin excited!!!!
(Another friend of ours says he is going to buy us 4 MORE chickens
so he can get free eggs....)

Stay tuned for the "creating of the coop" post!
(and many subsequent chicken stories)

Our indoor seedlings are getting bigger by the day!
45 Roma tomato plants...
several Broccoli plants...
All growing indoors...because this year we don't have a cat.

What are you most excited about this growing season?


  1. Lisa,
    What a change in the photos!
    As I was doing a morning tour around the yard (with the dogs, who were doing Morning Yard Business of their own) I was marveling about how different the place is from when we moved in a few years ago.
    I'm thinking when we move again we'll have "edible landscape" as a feature in the real estate write up.
    I'm most looking forward to tomatoes, because after a 50% loss in the first round of plants--due to varmints, not weather--the new recruits are doing well.
    Of course I'm looking forward to scapes, and raspberries and strawberries, and dill for pickles . . . yeah, I want it all, and I want it soon!

    1. Nothing wrong with waiting it all! Just takes patience...and that is really hard to come by...