Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coop Reno 2014

My handsome husband has been feverishly working on our shed...
Making sure its all ready for when our hens are to be delivered.

The black flies have been brutal...so that explains the toque in spring...

Our shed scored a brand new window with screen.
That will help with natural sunlight exposure as well as ventilation.
We screwed in some chicken wire on the inside - to protect the screen from the chickens.
Outside we'll install some sort of grate to protect the screen from varmints.

The interior of the shed was in amazing condition
considering the shed itself was almost 20 yrs old.

We installed a new floor as well...the old one had screws pointing upwards...eeek!

We installed new boards on all sides and caulked in the cracks.
Hopefully that will help keep the moisture OUT.

So far the tally is at $202 for new boards, a few 2 x 4's, wood screws and caulking.

This amazing journey has begun with Ches learning that he can build just about anything.
It has taught me a ton about having animals under your care.
I have been ravaging Pinterest and discovered some unbelievable blogs about raising hens.
I have learned a LOT!
While it is tempting to go overboard...
We have been reminding ourselves to take a breath...

And relax...

(once we did that, we discovered wild violets in our yard!)

Stay tuned for the arrival of the ladies!

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