Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Run is Done!

Well its been an interesting 2 weeks at our house!

We fell into some chickens, scored a decent shed that needed some love
and built an awesome area for them to run around in.

Once the chickens had arrived, we gave them a few days to settle into the coop.
I had read that chickens might start laying eggs anywhere they liked if
they didn't get a sufficient amount of time in the coop.
Kinda like potty training...but better!  We get eggs!

We didn't have to wait long for them to get 
comfy and start laying eggs.
We had a few the very next day!
Just the other day we accumulated our first dozen.
One of the ladies lays some monster eggs!
They almost didn't fit in the extra large sized cartons...
(NOTE:  they are not double yokers...sadly)

After a few days of being cooped up, (no pun intended) the ladies were getting a bit stir crazy.
We hustled the run along...even though the intermittent rain kept us on our toes.
We also had quite a few visitors to the yard...everyone wanted to see our newest 
family members!

The shed/barn itself is 7 feet wide and 8 feet long.
The run extends out from the back of the shed 16 feet long.
That makes the entire run 7 feet wide x 16 feet long x 6 feet tall.

Total cost for the materials for the run $130.00 and that included the galvanized bin for the feed.
Total COOP & RUN cost $440.00

We added a dust bath in a salvaged tire (found by the side of Desert Lake rd).
Soon we'll add an area for the food waste that the chickens will hopefully
turn into a lot of green gold! (aka compost)

What do ya think of the completed chicken coop and run?

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