Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Beginning of the Garden 2014

With all of the chicken mayhem going on the past few weeks...
we almost forgot we are gardeners first and foremost!

A week ago Wednesday, we got our rototiller delivered.
Handsome husband went right to work, churning away.
We rent the machine once a year, this year from World of Rentals in Kingston.

Our garden is twice the size it was last year
...and 4 times the size of our garden in Verona!!!

There is a strong possibility that we are officially nuts.

This year, due to the sheer square footage of the garden, we decided to try something a little different.
This year, we raked up all of the loose soil into pseudo beds.
We used everything we could find to wall in the beds.
Old railway ties, recycled wood 4x4 posts, fence posts...
you name it...we used it!

The bugs finally got to Ches...he shaved his head last week!

In the end, we were left with 14 slightly raised beds!
There is a nice few inches difference in height between the walkway and the planting area.
Each walkway area is wide enough to mow...
Each planting area is wide enough to till.
This way, we don't have to pull weeds where we walk..
Or till the entire area!

Each row (walkway or planting bed) is approx 2 feet wide.
Some wider than others...but we didn't measure them.

The beds are in the area that was our garden last year.
The newly tilled zone at the back is now home to
6 rows of corn and 24 tomato plants of varying types.

We planted all of our seeds and seedlings...more on that in a future post!

Can you spot Chester at the far back of the garden?

That felt like enough garden construction for this year...

Then we sat back and enjoyed a lovely evening on our deck.
That was last year's project!
Ready to fully enjoy this year, complete with dollar store bling!

Handsome husband fired up the grill...

And cooked some of the sirloins I picked up at Gilmour's Meats on Hwy 38.
I talked about this on my Facebook page and group.
I had ordered a freezer pack from a local butcher shop.
It was called "The Cottage Special" for $ tax.
When ready, I brought home 3 luscious boxes of meat!
The white box contains 10 pork chops.
The other 2 boxes contained the following:
Sirloins: 14
Packs of wieners: 6
Packs of hamburger patties: 40
Packs of Bacon: 8
Packs of sausages:  
Oktoberfest - 1
Mild Italian - 1
Hot Italian - 2
Garlic Chives - 1
Honey Garlic - 2

All I can say is WOW!
Not only was it GREAT quality meat but the customer service was exceptional.
Highly recommend this local producer!!!

I'll try to work in a post about Gilmour's on 38 once I get a hold of the owner.

How is your planting going?

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