Monday, September 26, 2011

Get your FALL on...

Autumn is here.

The days are shorter and the nights are cooler (and bug free!).  I LOVE the colours of fall and the smell of wood stoves.  I especially love hiking in the fall. 

Last fall was a tough time for us, as I was unemployed for almost 8 months at that point.  I had lots of energy and not much else.  Owen and I enjoyed the fall weather a lot.  We walked on many trails in our area.  The best hiking day was when we came home with loads of stuff for decorating for autumn.

When you tour around with a pre-schooler, you
d better come prepared...I usually brought a small crocheted bag to carry all of the treasures Owen could find...and there were LOTS.  Pinecones, rocks and acorns are some of his favorites to collect.

Luckily these are things that all work wonderfully as decorations (except the rocks...they just get put into our rock wall around the garden).  I arranged some pinecones and oak leaves around a cranberry candle we already had.  We also already had the tablecloth in a nice fall colour.  Lazy susans go a long way to make your collection of random stuff look more deliberate.  If you have a large glass bowl or container, you can use that too.

Outside, I used more oak leaves in pretty fall colours, some twine, some more pinecones and a few acorns.  All I needed was the twine and a gluegun!  Voila!

Above is a closeup on the acorns and pinecones.

And don't forget Owen's favorite fall activity...THE LEAVES!

What's your favorite thing about Autumn?

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