Saturday, September 17, 2011

Swiss Chard Burritos...

Here was a meal we threw together in minutes.  It was hearty, healthy and a big hit with almost everyone in our household.  (Only Owen wasn't a fan, mostly because he doesn't like his food to touch.  Such are the tastebuds of a 4 yr old.)  We had leftover wild and brown rice to eat up.  We are drowning in tomatoes.  We had leftover corn from the dozen ear we ate a day or so prior.  Add ground beef and voila!  Burritos!!   

Beef is browned and added to the pre-cooked rice, tomatoes, corn and seasonings

Flat torillas are always a great thing to have on hadn for such occasions.  You can buy the package when its cheaper and keep in the freezer.  Then microwave them still in the plastic bag to keep them moist and pliable.  Stale tortilla wraps aren't good for wrapping, as they have a tendancy to break apart.  Keep those old torillas for making your own chips!  (in that case, cut to desired shape, brush with oil, any flavour or plain will do, and bake at 450 until crisp!)

I fried up some swiss chard and onions for Ches and those are the two things the kids are most likely to complain about.  I like to put the cheese on first and let the chard do the melting...mmm.  We had no lettuce in the house and our lettuce crop has since gone to seed and dried up.  I am still in the habit of always making sure we have a green thing on our plates.  Swiss Chard fits the bill!  Its VERY green and VERY healthy for you.  It is also quite a hearty plant, keeping firm in hot or cold weather.  I'm learning to love it.

Here is the completed wrap.  Burritos are great if you are trying to integrate other "exotic" foods into your diet.  Burritos are a fun way to eat up leftovers without them looking like leftovers.  Burritos are also messy, so you can have fun trying to have the cleanest plate by the end of the meal...or just laughing at other people trying to eat them all tidy like. 


  1. My garden was such a failure. I'm so glad to read about yours! I think we need more topsoil. The house is 30 yrs. old. The garden must be, too.
    Happy trails!

  2. boo hiss! I'm so sorry your garden isn't working out!!! Where abouts are you? Email me and maybe I can jet out to see your soil...see whats needed...just might save you from getting a load of expensive topsoil.