Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Verona Garlic Festival

Each year on Labour Day Weekend, Verona hosts a Garlic Festival.  I've always wanted to go.  It's hard to convince the kids that this will be more fun than sitting at home.  They aren't completely sold on the idea.  Just wait til you get there, I try to convince them.

When we got there it looked almost like any other Saturday at the Farmer's Market.  Except it was BIGGER!  Holy cow it was bustling.  The summer weather makes it possible to have way more vendors showing off a lot more stuff.  The colder weather forces the vendors to brave snowy days and set up their booths indoors. 

We survey the layout...Ches and the boys decided to take a spin on the train they had set up for kids (pulled by a small tractor no less).  

The usual vendors were out and set up but there were a bunch of new stalls featuring all things garlic.

The Lion's Club hosted a roast beef luncheon.  Check out the beast they're carving!  Usually these meals proceeds go towards a local charity or special cause.  I'm always happy to support.

Here are some more shots of the usual vendors in fine form.  They even started adding furniture to the line up!  Tie-dyed clothing lady is there every week without fail.

This time of year makes my eye move towards the knits.  The warm soft wooly piles of crochet heaven.

The endless tables of fall colours and vegetables.  They are so artfully and tasefully arranged, evoking images of healthy, honest, "country living".

Mini golf is a great, no energy way for the kids to occupy themselves too.  I mean how much garlic can you look at when you're 10 yrs old? 

Betsey 'B' honey had a small display of the honey comb hideout.  Was it ever cool to look inside!!!

The special events held at the fairgrounds include the recycling and waste center...may not look like much...but its HUGE!  It means that all the waste generated by the show gets disposed of correctly!  Pretty cool thing to show the community.

Garlic displays ranged from small and simple, to big and elaborate!  I loved this dark stained cabinet with the tin punch out of a garlic shape on the door...I think this display was of garlic spreads and such...

Plates of kinds og garlic I've never heard of...samples of spreads, jams, preserves...all garlic based.

There were people dying to educate you about the wonderful world of garlic.

Some vendors had their vehicles logo'd with could tell these people lived for GARLIC!

The shall's displays made me hungry and salivate for all the recipes I could think of that used garlic!

I also saw something that I never expected to see at a Garlic Festival....


My son Owen the Vampire...face painting by K's Klubhouse

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