Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Verona Garlic Festival 2015

Saturday was the annual Verona Garlic Festival.

It has become quite an event for this community!

Thanks to BearRoot Gardens for this beautiful braid!!!

I just love stocking up on garlic.
Although we tried to grow garlic for the first time this year...
It wasn't a huge success.
Thank goodness for events like this!
Its a place where you can stock up,
Meet the grower and 
Learn something new!


There were many many vendors.
They came from all over Ontario!
The vendors were mainly garlic producers...
but they offered so much more!

All kinds of garlic...garlic pesto, garlic dips, marinades, sauces.
But not just garlic!
There was a honey vendor, a hot sauce guy from St Lucia, 
a booth offering wine samples...

The Tai Chi Society was out too.

Small farms trying to get the word out.

Garlic is great!
And shopping locally feels good.
(it tastes even better)

If its within reach, you should definitely make a plan to attend next year's event!

PS.  There were so many vendors offering free samples...
my mouth was certainly burning by the time I left!!!

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