Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What you plant and why it matters...

So this year I broke down and bought a bag of pea seeds.
I normally just plant what we saved from last year.
This year the packaging seduced me.
The Heritage Seeds Co.
Brown paper bag shouting
I couldn't help myself.

I note that normally I don't care what kind of stuff I plant.
But thanks to my new job growing organic vegetables at The Kitchen Garden...
I know it matters what you grow.

I'll show you the proof.
Above you'll see the pea on the left...is one grown from seed we saved.
The one on right is the Lincoln Homesteader.
I will forever use capitals and call them by their right name...
they are an amazing specimen of shelling pea.

The one on the left (ours) produced poorly and with only about 3-4 peas per pod.
The one on the right (Righteous Lincoln Homesteader) kept pumping out the peas for 5 weeks and produced a whopping 12-14 peas per pod!!!
NOTE:  They then produced a very healthy second blush of perfectly sweet peas in the middle of AUGUST!?!!

That means...
We have 2 large freezer bags stuffed full of peas for the winter.
That's the most peas we've ever been able to store!!!
Thank you Heritage Seed Co.
Thank you Lincoln Homesteader.

PS.  We planted another beds of peas two weeks ago...I'll give you 3 guesses what kind...

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