Wednesday, September 23, 2015


So its fall!
At least that's what my calendar is telling me.
I suppose if I were to sit and think on it...
It feels like fall too.

The air is cooler.
(Not so stifling and heavy)
The geese are honking their goodbyes.
The nights are beautiful!
(no bugs)

Not to mention, my calendar says its fall today...officially.
When its fall we pick apples.
Certainly not the first time.
Definitely not the last time.
We have picked apples at local farms too!
What makes this year a little different is that our favorite trees are heavy with fruit.
My sister in law has several GREAT apple trees.
The past few years have been hard on them.
Serious winters, porcupine damage, deer thieves...
These trees hardly stand a chance!
And yet this year they are spectacular!
(and luckily for us, they are right around the corner)

We drove up one evening to grab the apples before the deer at them all.

Owen was pretty annoyed that there was only one picking tool to be had...
So I made him the official apple picking photographer.
At 8 years old...he's not to bad!

Apple picking action!

I remembered the cloth in the picking tool this time...

No I didn't bring rum to pick apples...although...

We also scored a cabbage too!
(Located in the nearby veggie garden))

And in case you are wondering...
Here is a handy post that describes what we do with all of those apples.

And if you are interested...

I have posts on Apple and Havarti Quiche

As well as Parsnip Apple and Brie here.

Both are well worth trying!!!
I promise! 

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