Tuesday, May 26, 2015

That Foxy Fox!

We have been pretty lucky so far.
We have had chickens in a box in the woods for a year...
and no major incidence have occurred with the local wildlife.

Then one day I saw the beginnings of a tunnel under the door.

The dread came over me...my heart quickened.

We assumed it was the raccoons.
The enjoy our composter...
so it seemed only a matter of time before they discovered 
the white box of chicken.

The next evening at dusk...husband and I were enjoying our deck when who should surprise us...


Not just a fox.
A fox in what felt like broad daylight.
A fox traipsing through our garden.
(This was two weeks ago...you should see the garden now!)
It circled the coop a few times.

Even after I stood up and made it aware of my presence.

It made an extra loop.

I jumped off the deck just to assure it that I would defend my hens.
Even if it was only going to be by waving my arms and hooting at it.

The foxy fox ran away into the swamp.

We reinforced the chicken wire with larger rocks at the base.
We raked the gravel back into the holes and placed large rocks on them too.

A week or so went by and no return of the foxy fox.

Perhaps he's gone to get his friends.

We shall see....

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