Friday, May 8, 2015

More from my Bookshelf...

The second in my series examining my bookshelf...

Super fun.  Super easy.
This is one silly read.
This book was written for men out at the hunting camp.
I'm not trying to be sexist or anything.
It says so in the forward!
It's geared towards the guy who gets elected "Camp Cook".
Some men relish this task...but for others...this is the book for them!!!
Some features:
  • It has a list of basic kitchen utensils you will need.  (The bare it should be in the wild!)
  • It has a killer wild game marinade on page 67.  Totally tastes out the "wild" out of the game.
  • It also has a recipe for Russian Tea on page 13 that can be made ahead and stored in a mason jar for a long time.  A nice warm treat!

Although this book was directed at teen buyers, it is totally worth the read!
This book informs us in plain language why it is important to know more about the things you buy.
With young people having so much purchase power these days, 
it makes sense that "Get Real" would target younger readers.
Shedding light on how everyday items are produced, and the waste these items produce, helps to inform your choices when shopping.
That's good info whether you are 15 or 55!

Some features:
  • The story of t-shirts and jeans...its actually scary...and involves the government!
  • Cellphones and the incredible waste they produce...its CRAZY!!!
  • Green washing - the practise of labelling to make it seem like the products are "green"

Now this was a book I was really excited about!
Eating within the seasons is something about which I am very passionate.
I have been struggling for years to find a cookbook that actually compliments 
my garden and the veggies as they ripen. 

Once I read it, I was more than a little disappointed.
Almost every recipe in every season only featured one seasonal ingredient.
All other ingredients were not what I would call staples.
In fact, some of the ingredients I had never even heard of!
My definition of a practical, easy-to-use cookbook does NOT
include looking up what an ingredient actually is and if I can buy it in Canada.
When I grab a recipe I like, it usually has to meet a few prerequisite standards:
1 - at least 2 foods that I grow
2 - involves pantry and fridge staples I already purchase in bulk.
3 - no more than 1 ingredient has to be newly purchased (preferably none)
For more info on how I pick and store recipes, click here.

But staying are some features:

  • beautiful photography, interesting recipes
  • a brief background on main veggies start out each section

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