Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life on the Farm....

Not sure if you all remember, but last summer I lost my job.
(Well, I didn't lose just wasn't mine anymore)
I blogged about what a blessing in disguise it was...
I spent the summer hanging out at the beach, playing with my son...
And asking the universe to give me my dream job.

I asked for a job where I was outside.
I wanted exposure, bug bites and sunburns.
I wanted to work in the food production industry.
I wanted to learn more about growing food organically.
I wanted to be happy about going to work and feel like 
I'm making a difference in the way people see food.
And to get paid...that too.

This year...I'm thankful to say I FOUND IT!

As of May 4th, I am now a full time employee at The Kitchen Garden!!!
(If you want to know more about these local guys...and where you can find here)

I'll say this in advance...I won't be sharing any trade secrets.
I won't be talking about their farming practices.
And they do not require me to promote their business.

They DO pay me for my work.
Hard work.
Brutally hard work.

At the end of the first 4 days, I have some thoughts about working at a commercial vegetable farm.

I find farming to be experiential...if you are open to it.
Its transcendental.

Each day my senses were heightened.
I drove home every day exhausted and deliriously happy.
The shower when I got home...BEST SHOWER EVER.
When I finally sat down to eat....BEST MEAL EVER.
When the rain started to drop on my burning arms...BEST RAIN SHOWER EVER.
I learned so much my head was spinning.

I giddily looked forward to my polysporin/bandaid regimen at the end of each day.
I counted up each and every bruise and blister with a sort of pride I hadn't felt before.

As for the actual work...
I tried keeping up with the other full time employee.
The first day or so, I felt woefully slow.
(thinking "these guys are never gonna let me stay")
By the end of day four, I felt like Wonder Woman!!!

I will try to keep track of my experiences throughout the summer.

And don't worry...I'll still be gardening here at home.
So stay tuned for more adventures from this crazy gardening girl.

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