Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Decorating on the Cheap...LAMP EDITION

It seems that spring time is the time for cleaning and decorating.
Every spring I seem to rearrange the house and make a few things.
Last year I made a few decorative pillows and they are my most pinned pin on Pinterest!
All I did was crochet some covers on top of some kid pillows...easy!

This year's project happened because I noticed a pile of lamps in my house.
Not just one or two...a PILE of LAMPS!?!?!

Who on earth has a pile of lamps?
Seriously...I had no idea.

They weren't just lamps here or there.
There was literally a pile of lamps in the basement.

I decided to spruce them up a bit!


I also had some fabric laying around.
A close family friend gave it to us when a relative of theirs passed away.
I had stock piled the fabric for curtains in the chicken coop.

The lamp I chose to start with was small and stained.
It used to live in my son's room...until he required a brighter light for reading.

All it took was a glue gun!
I glued the fabric to the shade and trimmed the excess fabric off.

It turned out so lovely!

Owen was so impressed he had to plug it in and try it out.
Not too shabby!

Actually I was so impressed with how it turned out...
I did it on another wayward lamp!

What have you upcycled lately?


  1. oh those turned out beautiful !!! where did u glue them ?? just the edges ??? too pretty :)

  2. Hot glued the edges and then folded the fabric over. i sorta traced out the fabric roughly beforehand, then trimmed any excess after the glue was nice and cold.