Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Black Bean Recipe Roundup

I have talked before about Meat Free Mondays
and about substituting vegetarian meals into your weekly diet.
Not only are beans a healthy choice but they are packed with proteins and vitamins.
Did I also mention, canned or dried, beans are SUPER CHEAP!!!
(PS.  They even sell the Mr Goudas brand at  the Dollartree now...WIN!)

Just to help you out...
I have a black bean roundup for you!

I usually make a fried black bean dish that totally reminds Ches and I of being in Costa Rica.

Original black bean recipe,
Burritos and Southwest Soup:

My newest recipe was adding the black bean recipe and serving it quesadilla-style.
Plain Greek yoghurt for the sour cream.
Chopped fresh tomatoes, grated local cheese, our home made salsa and some of last year's pickled jalapenos between two flour tortillas.  Place on side down in a frying pan with a bit of oil.
Fry one side and then flip to grill the other side.
Slice and serve while piping hot.


Below is the roundup of more recipes I've already posted on the blog:

Burritos and Vegetarian Nachos


A Creamy Black Bean Dip:


Other Bean Recipes:


A couple of Mean Bean Soup Recipes:


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