Friday, May 27, 2011

A wild and foraged meal...

The thing about foraging is how  much you get to learn!

I posted earlier that we found morel mushrooms.  I figured I had better do some research before we did anything with them...I heard a rumour they were poisonous.

It turns out they were right!!!  You CAN NOT eat a morel raw...which is good to know...not that I was tempted to do so.  Those suckers are mighty ugly!  If you want more info on morels, please check out The Great Morel's website...its chock full of great info, tips, advice and recipes.

Of course, we cooked them...and I thought I would share what we created!  It turned out to be a wonderful foraged and wild meal.  YUM!

First we hiked in the woods....and found the golden lovelies!  Then we brought them home for a good soak in cool water.  We sliced them length-wise...

It was my hubbie's idea to add our wild leeks too!  Slicing them length-wise as well...

After towel drying the mushrooms, we dredged them in flour.

We added the leeks after the mushrooms had simmered for a bit first.  That left the leeks nice and crunchy!

While Ches simmered the wild goodies, I ran out back and grabbed some more asparagus!  (It goes with pretty much EVERYTHING).  It gave the meal a spring time feel.  Plus the punch of colour didn't hurt either.  I nuked them in the microwave...leaving them soft and crisp at the same time.  Dash of salt and a squeeze of lemon...thats it!

I grabbed some chicken breasts from the fridge that I had been marinating.  Simple marinade for the folks who like plain old chicken...veg oil, paprika and salt.  We quickly grilled them up and served them piping hot!  

The end result was a fabulous meal that made us feel like we were eating at a five star restaurant.  The only thing missing were truffles!!!  hahahaha just kidding. 

Now if I were to do this meal again, I would have liked to have fresh caught perch for an absolutely wild and foraged meal.  (Better get the boat in the water if we want to do that!)

Has anyone tried foraging before?  Tell me all about it! 

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