Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From garden to plate in two days!

This is a follow up post to my asparagus post.  I decided to make something from the Ontario Grows 2011 calendar.  In fact, its the featured recipe for the month of May!

Ontario Grows 2011 May recipe
 Yes, you read that right.  Grilled Prosciutto and Asparagus bundles.  My husband and I tried them tonite.  You also read that right.  I picked asparagus yesterday and today.  We then made something out of something that grows wild in some places.  I'm not talking about the prosciutto. 

I have never attempted to make anything meat based on my own...I'm talking about sausage or other meat type things.  I'm not sure I would trust myself with that.  Vegetables?  Pretty hard to screw up that badly with veggies.

These were a hit.  I would definitely make these again when I have enough money to blow on that wonderfully salty meat product.  Man, its expensive!  The worst was the day when my step son decided he liked it too....uh, can't like something that expensive.  Not allowed. 

I guess these kinds of dishes really inspire me to do strange and new things in the garden.  I never ate so much asparagus as I do now.  How can that be bad?  I grow it, it gets picked and then we eat our faces off for relatively no money.  Obviously except the additional ingredients, which in this case did NOT fit into my budget. Apparantly I'm also not allowed to like something that expensive.  I will continue to search for new and interesting recipes.  Trying new things all the time.  But in continuing my search, I will also strive to post things that are largely based out of my garden and less in the fancy cheese, fancy meat section of my local Foodland. 

Four easy steps to a fabulous plate!
 I'll continue to post asparagus recipes until we stop picking them.  It will also give me a chance to keep track of how long the season actually is. 

This recipe was short and I'll repost it below:

Grilled Prosciutto and Asparagus Bundles
wash and cut asparagus
toss in olive oil and sprinkle on salt
grilled on medium - high heat (or on BBQ)
grill until prosciutto is crispy
serve with drizzled olive oil


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