Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dandelions....a springtime green to add to your cooking!

A weed nightmare?  or a veritable grocery store?

I follow a reknowned yogini named Rainbeau Mars.  I have been enamoured with this girl since I was pregnant over 4 years ago.  She was the star of a yoga for pregnancy video.  Her take on yoga inspired me.  Now I follow Rainbeau for more than just yoga instruction.  Her belief is yoga is only one part of the whole when it comes to whole body health.  That is how I discovered her mother Brigitte Mars.  She is a master herbalist and Rainbeau speaks of her highly and often.  On a recent post from Rainbeau, she discusses whether or not to mow your lawn...

Click above for the whole newsletter!

Click above to go directly to Brigitte Mars discuss your living lawn and the healthy benefits of dandelions!  (she talks about dandelions around the 1:08 mark)

After viewing the above video, I decided to take a second look around my lawn to see what I have growing there.  I saw loads of clover (which the local bunnies just love) and an extremely high content of dandelions.  (even more than I noticed yesterday!!!)  I found a small patch where the leaves were visable and the flowers were not out yet.  I plucked the leaves and brought them inside, washing them thoroughly in cold water and diced them up to sprinkle on my lunch salad.  As an avid salad lover, I find it challenging to keep the ol' salad interesting sometimes. 

Spinach and Dandelion salad with Balsamic Vinigrette

This salad did NOT disappoint!  A healthy base of baby spinach, topped with chopped avocado, diced, turkey slices, cukes, tomatoes and the lovely dandelion greens.  Drizzled over the lot was my home made balsamic dressing.  WINNING!

I was VERY surprised at how the leaves tasted.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, perhaps a bitter strong flavour that would over power the whole mess.  I stand corrected!  They added a flavour that was not unlike a fine mescalun mix or the same strength of flavour as arugula. 

For REAL wild and gathered greens salad....I dare you to try dandelion greens on your next salad.

I double dog dare you!


  1. Great post! I've been eyeing the dandelions on our front lawn for a while,and thinking about the huge amount people pay for them in Toronto.

    Wonder if we could classify our home as a pick-your-own farm!

  2. I need to get your Dandelion Tea recipe.

    I've got a Experimental Dandelion farm that is doing just great out front that I need to do something with.