Friday, October 24, 2014

What to do with all those Apples...

One bright and sunny Thanksgiving weekend day...
We picked a 10lb bag of apples.
It didn't really take us long...I probably could have picked the whole bag myself in 15 mins.
Seriously...not a difficult task...until you go to store these things!

I know you can store apples in a cool dark place for a few months into the winter.
I just hate the thought of one bad apple in the middle of the bag...rotting away...

So I went straight to keeping as much of the bag as I could with minimal waste or spoilage!

While I've made applesauce before...I've never jarred it for future use.
This was an awesome feat for me!
It usually smells so good when its boiling down...we eat it right away.
3 jars of applesauce now live in our food storage area.
While one can live without is a nice sweet addition to any pork dish.
Owen even likes dipping his potato latkes in applesauce!
Plus no preservatives or weirdness when you make your own...

Another first for me was the apple chip.
Slice thinly and sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar.
Like the tomatoes,  I tried both the dehydrator and the oven method.
Both worked well...but the apples took over 14 hrs in the dehydrator.
I must have sliced these apples way too I finished them off in the oven the next day.
Owen seemed to really like them at first!
Then that trailed off....must have gotten a few cinnamon heavy chips...

Ok...anyone with a little person these days knows that movie...
These are peeled and sliced apples in a freezer bag...
perfectly portioned so that all I have to do is pour them 
evenly into a baking dish and add crisp topping.
Dangerously easy...

As nothing gets truly wasted at this house...I present to you...the chicken treat!
Once I had peeled, cored and chopped my fingers sticky...I took out the bowl to the girls.
They loved this sweet treat!

What do you do with your apple harvest?

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