Friday, October 3, 2014

Beyond the edge...

Lately I've been obsessed with going outside the lines...
Going beyond the edges.

Now when I say 'edges', I mean to say we all stay in the lines.
We all drive on the roads.  Walk on sidewalks.  Work in buildings.
I want to go where only my eye can go.

I want to wander to the other side of those lines.

When I drive in the countryside...I imagine what lies beyond the trees.
Have you ever wanted to park your car and just walk off into the wilderness?
(ok maybe that's just me)

In the springtime, I have heard a waterfall near our home.
I never knew where it was...only where I thought the sound was coming from.
I finally jumped without a safety net.
I walked beyond the edge...

There were shapes and colours, raw and natural.

There was mica sparkling in the daylight.


There was the gentle trickle of life-giving water down the hillside.
I found rocks gathering in huge numbers.

I found peace.  I found tranquility.
I was a nature creature in the wild.

I think its important for us, as human animals, to reconnect with nature.
I have posted about this idea before...but this post is more about the feeling of being in nature.
The feeling of being free.
The feeling of us as animals...and not just corporate entities.

Where do you go for peace?

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