Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fishing - feed yer face and have fun too!

There are lots of things to love about fishing...

Sunshine, fresh air, free food...

Our family loves to fish...well...Owen is still trying to find his love of it.
Handsome Husband had a week off in September...so of course...

We went fishing!

Fishing is not just a past time or sport for us.
It is also a way we stock our freezer with protein for the winter.
We aren't hunters (yet).
We always had issues with protein...that is...until we got laying chickens.
But that doesn't mean we'll stop fishing...you have to have variety to your diet!

We still ice fish in the winter...but our luck is pretty poor at best.

Probably my favorite part of fishing...is the lunch break!
There is an awesome island in Desert Lake that is perfect for picnics.
We bring stuff from our pantry and fridge.
Veggies from the garden and home made hummus.
Lemony tuna pasta salad with fresh picked peas.
Tostitos chips and home made salsa.
Freshly cut pineapple we won at a birthday party!

From our camping days, Owen calls it Pirate Island!
(loads of great stories happened here)

Even after a lovely lunch break...some people just can't stop fishing...

Isn't it amazing to be able to feed yourself from a hobby???
How many other hobbies can make such a boast?
(ok except for cake decorating...)

There is another benefit to fishing...but I'll reveal that in a later post...
Seriously!  When I reveal this secret....I'll probably be done as a blogger...
No more secrets to share!

Stay tuned...for the super fantastic gardening secret....

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