Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Year of Firsts...

First Veggie Stand!

This was an awesome experience.
We will definitely have more of these...and plan the garden accordingly for next year.
I love infecting people with the love of home grown foods.
I also love hearing "I already grow that" when people see what we were offering.


First Sunflower Garden!

When the seed package says 10-12' flowers...
you really don't think about what it is like to stand under a 12' flower!!!!
These things were HUGE!
(and beautiful to boot)


First Wild Food Walk!

Another thing I've been dying to do for years.
I was able to get some people excited about eating weeds.
The looks on people's faces was my favorite part.
The Oooohhhs and the Ahhhhs.
The eyes opened wide as the lightbulb of flavour went ON!!!

I will definitely be hosting more of these next year.

This winter will be big for planning...
Making a wild food walk schedule...
The garden will have to be set up for storing and selling...

So many things to think about...I'm almost excited for winter.

I said ALMOST.

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