Friday, November 2, 2012

Pickin Punkins...and other Fall things...

Every year we buy pumpkins locally...that is, when we aren't growing them of course!

I try to avoid the big box stores...there is something weird about paying 99 cents for a big pumpkin...
It's mostly to support the local growers, but its also weird to see something so giant be so cheap.

So we drove a short way to Silverbrook's Garden Center at 3071 Rutledge Rd  in Sydenham.

It was the Friday before Hurricane Sandy hit.
They were calling for storms, high winds and of course rain.

For some reason, Friday didn't listen and it was GORGEOUS!

The sun was shining...the air was spring.

Owen was all over the pumpkins.
Picking out a proper pumpkin is like a scientific process.

And heavy!

We loaded up one of the push carts that Silverbrook offers its customers.
Here's Owen already dreaming about the things we shall carve into them.
Not to mention the pies we'll make and the seeds we'll roast!

Silverbrooks also had some pretty cool looking squashes and gourds.
(Great for natural decorating for your centerpiece!)

The funniest part of the trip was when Owen spied a huge box of apples.
They had a few kinds to choose from but Owen dove right in to the Empire apples.
(medium sweet apples)
The lady was just about to say that Owen could try one...but he was already munching away...

We grabbed 8 pumpkins in total as well as a basket of apples.

Silverbrook is a wonderful spot...we love to go there on occassion to buy seedlings that we don't start from seed, antiques, candles and other produce as it comes into season.
It really has an old fashioned feel to the place.  Like you've stepped back in time.
No one is wearing costumes, but you'll be pleased with the personable service and friendly folks you'll meet.

The pumpkins we bought went right into our front yard for decorating, but now that Halloween is over, I'll be bringing them in for a future post on how to cook and prepare pumpkin mash for the freezer for baking.
Not to mention a post on roasting seeds!

The apples are already gone...they were good!!!

Where did you get your pumpkins?

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  1. Empire Apples!! They're MY favourites too!
    I am also going to bake my pumpkins ( in quarters), then scrape off the cooked pumpkin from the 'skin' and freeze..... for pumpkin muffins.