Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apples & Havarti Quiche...

Like most meals, this post started out as an idea and one that we weren't sure if it was one that would work. 

We had oodles of apples.  We borrowed the picking machine and went
to town on our neighbour's apple tree.  (we had permission, just in case you were wondering) 

We have lots of havarti.
Wilton cheese is the fundraiser this year for kindergarten
kids at Prince Charles Public School in Verona.

We had these lovely red apples from my mother in law's trees. 

We got a total of 2 milk crates full of red apples and 
2 milk crates and one cardboard box of green apples from the neighbour's tree. 

What do you do with that many apples?  On a rainy set up a station at a big table with lots of light and line up a couple of good movies!  We created an assembly line of sorts.  Peeling, chopping, slicing, rinsing and bagging was a great way to pass the afternoon. 

The topic of dinner came up after a while.  What were we going to make?  Looking around I began to wonder if I could come up with a dinner that involved apples.  I saw a huge bowl of eggs in our fridge.  Earlier we had pulled out some frozen pie crust dough...we made an apple pie, freezing it before we cooked it fully.  We managed to get 2 large freezer bags of sliced apples into the freezer for future pies or crisps.  Ches made an apple crisp too!  We ate it for dessert after our apple entree. 


This was a basic quiche recipe.  We had home made crust dough in the freezer, so all we had to do was thaw it out and blind bake it off with beans.  Ches added the filling....blended eggs, milk, chopped apples, shredded havarti, nutmeg, S & P.  Bake until cooked.

Served with a fresh garden greens salad!  It was wonderfully sweet, an unexpectedly delicious dinner.  The apple crisp dessert was great too!  Now I'm craving apple cider...

What weird apple recipes have you come across? 

PS.  Have any of you ever been to the Apple Fest in Brighton?  Totally worth a trip one year...

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