Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When everyone is sick....

a yummy home made smoothie pop!
 For the last few weeks, we've all had some form of sickness...and my two boys were eating popsicle after popsicle after popsicle...I swear I thought I heard my 3 yr old say BRAIN FREEZE for the first time...

After several trips to the grocery store...I decided to put my popsicle making form to good use!  We got a smoothy maker given to us for a wedding present...and its definitely one of those things I couldn't do without.  I make morning smoothies and the recipe for the dandy pop above is a variation on what I make most mornings.

If you ever needed a reason to pick your own fruits and freeze them....THIS IS IT!!!  I couldn't possibly afford to make these if each bag of one kind of fruit is over $5.00 each.  Not only that, but I am convinced that my pops are way better for you....as I know exactly what goes into it!

Now this recipe won't have any amounts on it....because my smoothie maker already has idiot-proof measurements on the side.  The beauty of making your own pops is that you can tailor it to whatever flavours you love!  Plus you can also try new combos that you'll never find in the stores.

I'll run down what I generally put into pop:

Juice of one fresh orange (or grapefruit....I'm discovering how lovely they are in a smoothie)
non-fat yoghurt
1% milk
fresh banana (not frozen)
frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) - i like frozen, but fresh is ok too in a pop
macca protein powder

(in my morning smoothies I add flax seeds as well)

I guess I add the macca powder because as a parent I find that when my children are sick, my biggest concern is that they are getting enough of everything to help them get better faster.  I hate it when a sick child loses their appetite.  It makes my stomach churn with anxiety.  So if I can help their wee throats and stomachs feel better, while also ensuring they are getting some nutrients...I can rest a little easier.  I can see by the big smoothie grins I get from the boys, that I'll be making these well after the summer heat hits us again....

ENJOY!  This recipe is for the sick and well alike!  Don't wait for an illness to hit you to give yourself an excuse to try these darlings out.      

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