Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Farmer's Market

This is the beginning of a series of posts...they will last all year...popping up along the way...
It was the first Saturday back at the Farmer's Market here in Verona since before the holidays.  Owen and I went to see which vendors had come out to share the inside space of the Lions Hall.  In the summer time, the farmer's market is outside and housed in outer buildings.  This is an enduring part of country living and I'm glad to share this with my kids. 

Owen checks out the home made bling

preserves of every kind
  The feeling of the farmer's market changes with the seasons.  Right now, in the winter months, the market has a feeling of old times.  Of perserves and baked goods.  Dried herbs and spices.  In the spring, I'll buy some of our garden seedlings there.  Summertime means we'll get some locally prepared entrees, some odd vegetables we aren't already growing, as well as gift cards with beautiful local photography.  In the fall its a great place to get fresh apples by the bushel and pumpkins...I'll never forget the first time Noah and Ches saw a white pumpkin or a pumpkin that took up the back of a pick up truck...only at the farmer's market. 

spices and rubs

locally grown garlic the size of my fist and kettle cooked popcorn

The variety of crafters seems richer in the colder weather...quilts and tapestries.  Various handmade items for sale, but each one is one of a kind....and every week it changes...

handbags aplenty

the vendor we get our tourtiere from, but the kids only know it as the one with the peanut butter balls
 Everyone has their own experiences with a farmer's market, and it really does depend on your population.  At the Verona Farmer's Market, you have a lady selling spanakopitas, one who makes and sells goat cheese (that melts in your mouth).  A family who sells meats for your freezer who's kids are often helping behind the table. 

You get to meet who is growing your food, not just knowing where in the province or country it came from.  I remember when Noah had a tiny crush on one of the beef farmer's daughters...thinking this is going to make one helluva country song! 

The kids will grow up with their own memories of these Saturdays "spent shopping" at the market.  The best times we had were just being there....not even shopping...because there always seems to be something different each week.  Something to learn...something to see....something to we always appreciate when vendors offer the free samples....and almost always they win me over and I end up buying.

But its shopping I can feel good about....I'm helping support my local economy....I'm buying food with a very small carbon footprint...I get to meet the people who are growing or raising my food.....I can teach my kids about where their food comes from....and I mostly I get to eat really great stuff!

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  1. FYI Owen got some birdseed...and I got a pair or earrings, some local honey, and a tin wall hanging from Haiti, brought back by the spanakopita lady to help an!