Thursday, December 4, 2014

Critters who ate our garden this year...2014

Japanese beetles....

I know everyone was talking about them...but I didn't really pay attention.

Then one day, I noticed my concord grape leaves looked like lace...


Eventually I did look them up on Wikipedia.
I wanted to make sure they were what I thought they were.
The write up is interesting...although depressing.
They are attracted to just about every plant.
You can use a soap/water mixture...which I will be trying out next spring!
I will try to post my results of a few different types of mixtures too.

This past year, I just reached out, picked it up and squished it.

Black Horsefly...

These things weren't eating my garden...but they were REALLY horrifying!
They are a relative of the horsefly...which is already big and scary.
These suckers are TWICE the size of a regular horsefly!!!
They are jet black all over and probably the worst looking thing I've seen
since moving to the country.

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