Friday, November 21, 2014

Seed Saving...Round 2

We have saved seeds before...
Last year we did tomatoes as well as white corn and broccoli seeds.
Tomato seeds, in my opinion, is only for the advanced seed saver!
(psst....its really gross)

We saved tomato seeds this year too.
Mainly because I really enjoyed the heritage Black Kris tomatoes we nabbed for free.

We also saved cantaloupe and honeydew melon shown above.
The melons were purchased for a family naturally we snagged the seeds. 

We are also trying our hand at radish seeds...which was really the result of forgetting to harvest them.

I think we have enough radish seeds now...each wee pod you see has at least 3-8 tiny seeds...

It is time consuming, but easily done while watching a movie on the couch.
Not too hard at all.

We chopped the heads off our Gigantius sunflowers...
not sure if these beauties will become winter feed for the chickens?
Or snacking for us...or for re planting next year?
Only time will tell....again, I think we have enough...

Butter crunch lettuce seeds?  Sure, why not?

One of the kinds of lettuce that came from our mesclun mix...'s all good.

Added bonus of seed saving?
You can take them to a seed exchange and its like money!
You can exchange for any other seed you want!


So if you are lax one week and some of your veg goes bolting on you (sends out flowers), don't fret!  
Get excited about what you can do with all of those seeds...

It is our goal to never buy seeds or plants again...sorry Burt's Greenhouses...
I'll always refer people to your business and your advice has been invaluable.

But we are DONE with seed buying!
(insert evil laugh here)

What were you able to save for next year?

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