Monday, January 20, 2014

A few of my favorite things...WINTER EDITION

The things I LOVE about Winter:

Frosty windows...

...the time of day when the snow turns blue...

...giggling after bailing off the sled,


making a snowman army in the front yard,

woolen socks,


chunky sweaters...
mint hot chocolate,


ice fishing with friends,


softly falling snow,


winter fires...

ice skating by lantern light
the smell of our fireplace burning cedar.

Owen loves snowball fights.
Ches' favorite thing about spring.


Things that I do NOT love about Winter:

ice storms,

sledding injuries,


so many layers of clothes that you feel 40lbs heavier!
(although taking off 40lbs of clothing makes you feel infinitely lighter!!!)
heavy snow (hurts the back!)
driving at night in a snow storm...

Owen isn't a fan of slipping and falling on the ice.

Ches doesn't like it when it rains in the winter.

What do you love about winter?
(or not love...)

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