Sunday, September 8, 2013

FOOD CHALLENGE! Can you do it?

A few months ago, I read an article on line boasting "A Whole Day of Eating Clean!".

I was intrigued, at first.
I'm always up for new ideas.
You never know when you'll find one, so with an open mind, I read on...
Only to be disappointed.

I read about a young lady who works for one of the online news outlets.
She vowed to document her meals for one day to show how easy it is to eat healthy, clean food.

There were several things that bothered me about this article.

1 - while she was eating "clean", she was not necessarily eating healthy.
2 - some of her choices seemed baby carrots in lieu of actual carrots.
3 - her options seemed bland and boring.
4 - she only documented one day.

Why only one day?
I mean, anyone can walk the walk for one business day.
Here's my opportunity to talk the talk for 5 days!
And while I'm not documenting a whole day of food, it will be a picture of the food I take to work.

Here's a bit of background on my work:
I take 911 calls for ambulances and dispatch ambulances for a very large, populated area
- I work 12 hr shifts (day and/or night)
- I sit for all of those 12 hrs
- Its a very high stress job - emotional eating is a not so much a past time rather than a job requirement.

I am committed to taking a picture of the healthy food I bring for my 12 hrs for 5 days.
I will try to:

  • make sure I had plenty of protein (but not enough for a construction worker)
  • limit carbohydrate intake (but not remove it completely)
  • decreased my salt intake (by making home made stuff, instead of packaged)
  • bring stuff I could snack on throughout the day that was both sweet and savory (to satisfy both cravings)
  • to eat the rainbow each day
  • to reduce my waste by using and washing the same packaging


Part of this commitment is to show how it actually is easy.

No tying yourself to the kitchen for days...

I'll even add in a bonus!  I'll show you the work I do to prepare the 5 days in advance.
I will make a blog post with a summary of the 5 days, as well.

Anyone want to join me?

Post your work food on my Facebook page or group starting next Monday Sept 16th...I'll do the same.

***  I feel like there could be a PRIZE for your stellar efforts ***

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