Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ramps, Ramps and Wild Leeks...

I feel like I'm behind on my posts...but I will try to keep the growing season ramps up...

ok...that was a bad pun...

This post is all about what we made this year with wild leeks.

I have posted about the actual picking of wild leeks I won't rehash it.
If you are in desperate need of picking the link below:

This year, the family went out twice for picking leeks.
The first time was my husband and son in the first few weeks of May...but the plants weren't quite ready yet.

We waiting a week or two and then went out again.
It was the mother-load!!!
We went to our usual spot, but hiked back about 100 feet further into the woodsy interior.
It was like an unspoiled haven for leeks.

We hauled out 3 cloth grocery bags of wild leeks.
Husband spent 3 nights separating the green leaf part and the white bulb part.

I spent about a day preparing the leeks to be made into several new and exciting edible forms.

So this post is about all the thing we made this year!

Read on and salivate...

Potato & Wild Leek Soup

This recipe is so basic and filling...enjoy it topped with bacon bits or herbed croutons.

10-12 medium sized potatoes
8 wild leek bulbs (the white part only)
2 tbsp coarse chopped leeks leaves (the green part only)
1 cup veg or chicken broth
4 cups of water
1 tsp fresh chopped chives
1 tsp salt & ground pepper each

Simmer potatoes in water until tender.
Add broth, leeks bulbs and S & P.
Simmer until aromatic.
Add leek greens, chives and simmer for a few minutes.

You can make this recipe with fresh or frozen leek bulbs.

I'm so proud of that picture above!

From left to right:
-Dried ramp leaves
-Sweet pickled leek bulbs
-Ramp greens pesto

I borrowed the pesto recipe from my friends at The 3 Foragers blog!

check out their delicious recipe here:

For some reason, this image makes it look like the pesto turned out fluorescent green...
but in reality it was more dark green in colour.

On the same page as the recipe for the pesto...was a recipe I've been dying to try...
Ramp Pesto Twists!!!

The 3 Foragers include the recipe for both the pesto, the bread and instructions on forming the twists.
The only substitution made was using marble cheddar instead of the recommended mozzarella.

The results ROCKED!

Above is the image taken of the final product with Pork chops, spinach salad and mashed garlic potatoes.

While I've made the Potato Wild Leek Soup before, the other recipes were new to our family (and me!)
We jarred the pesto for future enjoyment (it really was very tasty)
We dried and stored the ramps greens for future use in soups etc over the fall and winter.

The sweet pickled leeks will have their own post very soon...they are THAT good.

I would like to send a BIG thank you to The 3 Foragers
for continuing to post very tasty recipes for us to try.

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