Friday, May 10, 2013

Savour the Flavour

When it comes to cooking...I like it simple.

I've said it before....I don't consider myself a cook.
When I cook meals, I have a tendancy to err on the simpler side.

One of the biggest issues I have is spices and sauces.
I try not to indulge in sauces too much...preferring the original flavour to be maintained.
Plus all that added salt and sugar sauces usually contain.

If a sauce if required in a recipe, I endeavour to make it myself from real ingredients.
Again...I get to control the salt and sugar content of my dishes.

Spices are a whole other story though.

Personally, I have a very basic spice repetoire:
-chili flakes

That's pretty much it...
If it's not on that list, I have to ask my husband what it tastes like and/or what is its main use.

So on a whim...I decided to check our spice cupboard....
because our family has so many takes up a whole cupboard.

Lo and behold!  I found several baggies full of different rubs or marinades gifted to my husband over the last few years.  I try not to hold onto spices for too long as they lose their potency over time (especially if not stored properly)

I grabbed 3 promising baggies...and dressed 3 thawed steaks with the following rubs:

-Cajun blackened spice rub (side left)
-Grilled vegetable marinade (bottom right)
-Perfect Spice steak spice (top right)

Cooked each steak until medium rare, removed from pan and sliced.

I served a couple of slices of each steak along with a piece of johnny cake (sweet cornbread), fried onions and a spinach salad with home made balsamic dressing.  (More iron than you could ask for!)

This exercise was a great way to try out some rubs and marinades.
It also pushed me out of my comfort zone...which is always nice for a change.

In case you were wondering, my personal favorite was the grilled vegetable marinade....

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