Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years Resolutions with a Twist...

I love New Years...mostly because I now get to put away the Christmas decorations.

I'm not really a scrooge, but I'm one of those people that dread the intense commercialism of the holidays.
I much prefer the company and eating that ensues when people get together.
The memories made while having fun outdoors in the winter wonderland.

It is a time when people take stock in their lives.
(Usually in the form of the "New Years Resolution")

While I applaud the people who intend to better their lives at any time of year,
it seems to be popular to do in on January 1st.

So in keeping with the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts,
here is my list of New Years Resolutions!

1.  Be more mindful when I eat.
(I want to consider everything I'll be putting in my mouth,
like where it came from and what did it take to get to my plate)

2.  Eat the rainbow.
(If not at one meal, than throughout the day)

3.  Take BIG garden risks.
(we have a whole new property experiment with!!!
I see fruit trees and possibly chickens this year)

4.  Invest locally by shopping within my township solely.
(I already shop locally, but I can do more)

5.  Manage to do more volunteer-work and donate more to charities.
(this year I will find the time to expand my goodwill even further) 

6.  Expand our garden by 4 x its former size
Just because we can!!!

7.  Replace more store-bought food with homemade versions.
(I've never made ketchup and would like to try)

That seems like a decent start...there is nothing in the rules that doesn't say you can't add
more as the new year rolls on....

What resolutions have you made for yourself?

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