Monday, September 24, 2012

Update from the property...

So the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler.

We have been fully engulfed in making way for next years' plans.

In the works:

Making room for a fruit orchard, chicken coop, seed saving and getting the full garden going.

One side of our property provides the shelter of pre existing trees...but we've been discovering that most of the trees we thought we had...are actually dead tree trunks with thousands of vines growing up them.

The result is a bunch of trees that appear to have foliage...tricky mother nature!

Our plans include apple, pear and cherry trees.
I need to research what types are hardier for cool climates.
I need to learn about cross pollination,
some types won't produce if your don't have a couple of more than one type around.

I also drafted next year's water barrel structure.
It still needs the ends evened up with a saw and nailed or screwed together.

Elevating the water barrels will provide nature force to the stream of water from the barrel faucets.

The dead trees we've been removing from the scrobs around the edges of our property became a huge store of kindling and logs for our fireplace.

We're pretty stoked about it is one step towards not caring if the power goes out.

We were given these crates by some guys staying at Desert Lake Resort.
The were elevator guys working in Kingston for a few months.
The crates were actually boxes for shipping their parts for the elevators.
The guys left them for us for burning, but I had other ideas!

Another thing we're waiting on is our potatoes!
I think I forgot to mention our composter experiment.

When we moved we found a bag of potatoes that had started growing.
We threw them in this composter and started filling it with top soil
every now and again.

The top soil is now about 4-5 rows of holes up the barrel!
The idea is that when the tops start to die off, we'll empty the dirt out of the barrel.

Ideally we'll have a big pile of potatoes too!

Perfect for storage this winter!

I'm still toying with some locations for a cold storage at this new house.

I have a couple of candidates but I want to monitor the temp fluctuations throughout the seasons.
I also want to monitor if these locations have any moisture issues.
I had a spot in mind, but the roof over top of it might leak during heavy rains through an air vent.

These are all things I prefer to investigate prior to losing a whole harvest to pests, mold or rot.
I can't think of anything more disappointing.

I've also been saving some seeds too!
So far I've cleaned and dried canteloupe seeds and green onion seed bulbs.

So as the leaves change colour, don't forget to enjoy all that fall has to offer:

-Pumpkins and squashs
-apple cider
-apple pies & crisps
-using nutmeg and cinnamon in your cooking (they taste like fall to me)
-root vegetables, roasted & buttered
-warm wooly sweaters
-thick socks
-cool evening walks in the woods
-the smell of campfires or wood stoves

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