Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Although I have been struggling with the idea that we are not putting in a garden this year...spring has decided to remind me of how lucky we all are.

Spring happens whether we want it to or not!

I was taking a look around our decidedly barren backyard...thinking about all of those thing I would be up to right now.  Starting seedlings in small peat pots...starting seeds in carboard egg crates...planning our trip to the greenhouse.

I was thrilled to find some things had already started growing....reminding me that nature continues matter what's happening in our menial lives.

Our chives are back!  Bring on the baked potatoes...

Seeing these oniony green shoots coming up from the ground just makes me wanna barbeque!
(lucky for us, they come up right next to it!)

Here is a shot of the garlic chives we found growing on our property.  We originally found them shortly after we turned our garden for the first time.  After the first year, we moved them over to the garden plot beside the barbeque...mainly so they would be easier to harvest (right outside the kitchen door) but also to keep the regular chives company!  These chives grow very much the same way regular chives grow.  Two main differences between the two plants, one; being the wider, flatter leaves that shoot out of the ground and two; they taste more like garlic that onions. 

The rhubarb is also coming out nicely.  We transplanted 2 rhubarb plants to a sunnier location.  We had located them in a corner of our property and only seemed fit for spider consumption.  The leaves were miraculously lacey!  In their new home, they seem happier, and less holey.

Can't wait to crack off some leaves of rhubarb, boil them down with a bit of white sugar and spoon it over vanilla ice cream!

Last but certainly not least...the garlic mustard!  It's lining just about every fence we have on our property.  This bunch was right outside our side door and next to our barbeque!  We've already tried it in salads mixed with baby we'll attempt to eat some cooked.  (I'd still like to try garlic mustard pesto...)

So let this be a reminder to matter what's happening in your life...nature continues on...

What have you got growing already?

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